Carry Minati– Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth 2024

Net Worth$ 2.14M
Real NameAjey Nagar
Date of Birth12 June 1999
Birth PlaceFaridabad , Haryana
Source of WealthYoutuber , Gamer , Rapper
Marital StatusSingle
Subscribers17.1 million


Carry Minati, his real name is  Ajey Nagar. He’s a Youtuber since he was in class 10th. he was studying in Delhi Public School where he dropped out in class 12th.  He is famous on Youtube because he use to roast people from which he gained 17.1 million subscribers and also net worth of carrying Minati is $ 2.14M. Recently his videos are Trending all over social media just by roasting one guy on social media name Amir Siddiqui.

Nagar was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad, where he attended his school life till 2016. He started his youtube when he was of 14 years. when he started roasting people since then he climbed up the ladder and became one of the most successful YouTubers in India with a net worth of  $ 2.14M and net worth in rupees 27 crores. 

Recently he got a boost up in his subscribers in his recent video YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK as the video goes viral on every platform of social media.


He started his career in the year 2010 with channel name ‘stealth fearzz ‘ . As he loves to play football, So he started posting football videos. later on, he started his channel named carrying Minati where he became popular . He received a gold play button when crossed 1 million subscribers in 2017. He came up with the Diss track bye-bye PewDiePie where he gained approx 30k subscribers just by one video.

His video Youtube vs Tik Tok : the End has brought 75 million views just by one video, His video was one of the trending videos at every platform of social media.

net worth of carry minati

Youtube channels

CarryMinati has two YouTube channels. One of his main channels, where he uploads videos—his most popular content—is this one. CarryisLive is his second channel, where he streams live game gameplay. Later, he decided to take a different path and began roasting strangers on YouTube while impersonating Sunny Deol.


CARS: Ajay Nagar’s car collection includes Toyota Fortuner worth Rs. 30 lacs.  Last 5 Months earning of carrying Minati.

carry minati father
Carry Minati Father

Last 5 moth income of Carry Minati

March 2020$ 18.1K
February 2020$ 34.1K
January 2020$ 35.9K
December 2019$ 33.3K
November 2019$ 36.3K


Nagar holds a total of 5 Youtube Creator Awards including 2 Silver Play Buttons (CarryMinati and CarryisLive), 2 Golden Play Buttons (CarryMinati and CarryisLive), and 1 CarryMinati Diamond Play Button.

awards of carry minati

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

1-When did CarryMinati started his channel?
Answer-Carry Minati started his channel in the year 2010 with the channel name ‘Stealth Fearzz’.

2-How much does CarryMinati earn from YouTube?
Answer- As his net worth is 2 millions, his per month income is around $20k which is around 1.5 lakh.

3-What is the meaning of CarryMinati?
Answer- Minati means a destroyer, change.

4-How do I contact CarryMinati?
Answer- You can easily contact him by mailing on .


CarryMinati is an example to those who choose to step outside the normal age-old educational learning cycle and instead do commercial or governmental work. Dropping out of school is very popular in the West, but is looked down on in a nation such as India, where educational qualifications contribute to a person’s status. Someone like Nagar removes associations of shame and contributes to it more kids pursuing things other than education against their will.