Nisha Madhulika – Age, Wiki, Family, Husband, Net Worth 2024

Net Worth$ 600K – $ 3.6M
Real NameNisha Madhulika
Date of Birth25th August 1959 ( 60 Years )
Source of WealthYoutuber
Marital StatusMarried


In Uttar Pradesh, India, Nisha Madhulika was born into a family. She grew up and attended college in her native Uttar Pradesh. Since she was young, she has been interested in cooking, and eventually, she decided to pursue a career in it. Nisha Madhulika has a net worth of $600K to $3.6M in 2024, or $4–27 crore in Indian currency.

she started teaching types of dishes by making videos and upload them on youtube. later on, she chose this field as a carrier when she found that she could generate a good amount of revenue from youtube.

Nisha Madhulika Carrier

Nisha Madhulika, born on 25th August 1959 in Uttar Pradesh, India. She loves to cook dishes and she had started cooking at an early age. She only cooks vegetarian foods.

After marrying M.S Gupta, They both started living in Delhi and she was assisted in her husband’s company. Later on, she started a blog where she writes about how to cook in 2007.

2011, at the age of 51 she started a food and recipe youtube channel which has millions of views and about 8,470,000 subscribers, till May 2020. She has been ranked in the top 10 YouTubers in India. According to the net worth of Nisha Madhulika is approx $ 600K – $ 3.6M.

Top videos of Nisha Madhulika which achieved more than 2 millions –

Source of Income

1-Youtube – The primary source of income is youtube where she earns 70% of income near about 5 lakh to 10 lakh rupees per month.

2-Restaurant Consultant – She provides training and support in improving the aspects of the restaurant, Where she earns a good amount of money. She had several food columns in newspapers. Her net worth is increasing day by day.

Here’s the last 5 month income of Nisha Madhulika

March 2020$ 23.7K
February 2020$ 11.9K
January 2020$ 30.1K
December 2019$ 25.6K
November 2019$ 24.4K
October 2019$ 27.9K
September 2019$ 27.4K