What Is a Policy of Umbrella Insurance? 2024 Latest

Extra liability insurance protection that goes above and beyond the insured’s house, auto, or watercraft insurance limitations is provided by an umbrella insurance policy. It offers an extra measure of protection to those who run the possibility of facing legal action for injuries they inflict in accidents or property damage they cause to others. Additionally, it defends against invasions of privacy, slander, vandalism, and libel.

A personal liability policy known as an umbrella policy provides additional protection above and beyond what is typically provided by house or auto insurance.

Standard homeowners, vehicle, or watercraft insurance are required before purchasing umbrella insurance because the latter only becomes effective when the former has been exhausted.

What is covered under umbrella insurance?

Beyond the scope of your other insurance policies’ limits or for potential claims that liability insurance may not cover, umbrella insurance offers protection. Liability protection is typically offered via umbrella insurance for: