Amit Bhadana (Youtuber) – Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Girlfriend 2024

net worth of amit bhadana
Net Worth$ 3.33M
Real nameAmit Bhadana
Date of Birth7 September 1991 (age 28 years)
Nationality Indian
Birth Place Johripur village in North India
Source of Wealth Youtube
Marital Status Riya Mavi
Subscribers 19.6 million


Amit Bhadana has one of the highest subscribers on youtube with 19.6 million. The Indian comic on YouTube creates funny vines and parodies. Amit was also tagged as the funniest YouTuber in India after his channel passed the subscriber numbers of BB Ki Vines, today he is one of the most successful YouTubers with a net worth of 3.33 million


Amit Bhadana was born on 17th September 1944 in Johripur, Delhi, India . He started his career in 2016 by uploading funny vines videos on his Youtube channel Amit Bhadana.

Recently, he had revealed his net worth which is $ 3.33 Million Increasing popularity and incredible talent of Amit Bhadana made him popular in very less time. He always makes other people laugh in his schools. He also makes people laugh on his set where he uses to shoot for his Youtube video. 

lifestyle of amit bhadana

Amit Bhadana Family

GirlfriendRiya mav 
brother Sumit Bhadana 
fatherNarendra Bhadana 
Mother Not Known

Source of Income 

1- Youtube – Amit Bhadana’s One of the primary sources of income is Youtube. He earns approximately 75% of his income comes from his channel by which his net worth is increasing every year.

2-Sponsorship – He gets much sponsorship from companies to promote their product on his videos.

March 2020$ 30.4K
February 2020$ 22.4K
January 2020$ 76.9K
December 2019$ 36.2K
November 2019$ 24.4K
October 2019$ 64.5K
September 2019$ 57.9K
August 2019$ 44.4K

Famous Dialogue of Amit Bhadana

Haseena gori hai. ghar par rakhi paisan ki bori hai,

Baat kuch yesi hai tu mere dost ki bhabhi jaisi hai

काह रखा है बातों में. खुरपा ले लो हाथों में;
जब से देखा है तोय लौंडिया, नींद ना आती रातों में,.

मैं हूं गूजर,
बाकी सब है लूजर’l

सब्जियों में आलू और सलाद में गाजर;
दोस्ती पर तेरे Bhai की, जान है न्योछावर.

मास्टर भी नु कहते हैं इसे ना पढ़ाना,
Naam है इसका Amit bhadana. |

Skin ColorWhite
Hair LengthShoulder Length
Hair ColorOther
Eye ColorBlue

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